Four places in Qatar that offers entertainment for kids

1-Aqua Park- Qatar
Up to 50 thousand meter squares with a variety of water games such as the Pacific river, the wave pool swimming competitions and games pool, family pond, multiple slides. Also where other entertaining games such as the charming village, this city is always open to visitors and it allocates Friday exclusively for families, and Tuesdays for ladies (2 pm till 10 pm). Women should wear modest clothes.


2-The Jungle Zone at Hyatt Plaza
It welcomes children up to the age of 12 to provide them with a spirited options and competitive game. This city is composed of large private rooms, with appropriate prices to do birthday parties, and with discounts on entry tickets to enjoy the most beautiful times. Knowing that it welcomes annually more than 200 thousand children.

3-Jondulinaa enclosed city

It is one of the most important entertaining cities that children like and want to go to because it combines a variety of tastes, and include video games, boating, skiing, trampoline, carting, bowling, and four-dimensional cinema. All the games full of enthusiasm, there are also plenty of restaurants and shops that meet the exact requirements, especially those of children and young people, offering many options for meals and games.


4-Circus Land at “Landmark Mall” shopping center

The Circus Land is designed in the form of an exhibition offers the child a world of fun and entertainment. It includes a variety of games like Red Baron aircraft, rotary horses, trampoline, electric cars, and also an area of four light games, and there are places for meals and drinks, and plenty of options for shopping for children, also it includes the Land Cinema, which consists of three showrooms that contain the latest and best technologies, in addition to a theater. –

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