GOODBYE CANCER, Scientists Say

GOODBYE CANCER, Scientists Say 

Scientists at Northwestern University, Illinois, made the discovery and believe it could be utilized in the fight against cancer. In fact, they that cells can self-destruct if they become cancerous.

This may be the end of chemotherapy

They say that malignant cells could be encouraged into the act of suicide without the need for grueling rounds of chemotherapy. These kill codes are embedded in ribonucleic acids, which scientists estimate evolved more than 800,000,000 years ago in part to protect the body against cancer.

They are already somewhat successful but cannot always compete with aggressive tumors. They are, however, triggered by rounds of chemotherapy, whereby toxic chemicals are pumped into the body. The hope is now that scientists can find a way to synthetically activate the ‘kill code’ without the need for these toxic drugs.

Scientists say “We can use these small RNAs directly, introduce them into cells and trigger the kill switch.’

This could be a life-changing discovery!

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