Good news for some WhatsApp users

Good news for some WhatsApp users


The long-awaited dark mode feature in “WhatsApp” is ready for the release, as it is reported that some users of beta versions of the application for the Android system have already tested it, after the Facebook-owned messaging application has continued to interest her for months, although it is the date the feature was released, or even formally commented on, has not yet been announced.


WabetaInfo’s feature tracking website has revealed that the dark mode feature is ready for release for the Android system, and has made it clear that the feature is approaching its official appearance within the “WhatsApp” app for iOS, although it still needs some Minor adjustments before coming to iPhone and iPad.


“WhatsApp can make these slight adjustments within 15 minutes, but the real problem is that we don’t know when they will do that,” said WABetaInfo.


The dark mode feature is designed to reduce screen brightness by replacing the light-colored background and message bubbles with darker colors, and the dark mode makes it easy to deal with messages in low-light conditions, and the feature prevents the application from draining as much of the battery as possible.


And many other popular applications already include the feature, including the application “Messenger” owned by the company “Facebook”, and some users of “WhatsApp” have already discovered a way to use the feature expected soon by exploiting an error within the application dedicated to the “Android” system.


This method was widely shared via social media in early December, which includes sending a YouTube link to an in-app contact, but it currently only works for users of the beta version of the app on a phone that has Android 10 installed.


The WABetaInfo feature tracking website said that other expected updates to the app include the low data consumption mode and the introduction of support for haptic feedback on iOS devices.

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