Good news: reach Doha from Dubai in 23 minutes and vice versa! (Video included)

A new high-speed transportation concept the will let passengers reach Doha from Dubai 23 minutes is being announced today in the UAE.

It will help UAE passengers to traverse a 150 km distance in a matter of minutes through air-cushioned pods speeding through a semi-vacuumed tube.

This service aims to eliminate direct emissions, noise, delay, weather concerns and pilot error.

It’s considered to be the next mode of transportation.

This week a video about the service got published on YouTube, which shows a network of tubes and pods that claim to be able to transport people from Dubai to:

  • Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes;
  • Riyadh in 48 minutes; and
  • Doha in 23 minutes; and
  • Muscat in 27 minutes.

Source (Youtube: Hyperloop One)

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