Good news for Saudis: a Qatari resort will open near Saudi borders soon


Good news for Saudi people whom like to visit Qatar that is because new luxury spa resorts will open in the southern part of Qatar before the end of 2016.



This resort by the name of, Vichy Célestins Spa Hotel by Retaj, will be a located near the Aqua Park on Salwa Road, where it can be reached be care during half an hour from central Doha, with similar distance starting from Saudi borders.



This will be the second luxury resort to be built in that five-star destination. Since there will also be a second resort in the name of Hilton’s Salwa Beach Resort & Villas, that is being developed rapidly too.



The Vichy resort will include about 78 rooms and suites and 90 villas that have between one and three bedrooms each, in addition to three restaurants, two cafes, shops, plus sports and fitness clubs.



The resort will be considered will play in offering several programs such as weight loss, diabetes prevention, anti-aging treatments and others. Also it will include swimming pools with high standards.



Concerning alcohol, it will be prohibited.



Compared to this new resort, the Hilton’s Salwa Beach Resort & Villas will include a 362-room resort on 257 acres of land and is envisioned to include a water park, marina, dive center, cinemas, pools, health club, spa… Etc



Also Hilton resort will include 13 restaurants, bars and lounges.



Other resorts that have opened in recent years include Banana Island and the Simaisma Resort.

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