Goodbye Smartphones!

Goodbye Smartphones!

Some reports have revealed the secret of Facebook, which will make it offer for the first time a “perfect alternative” for smartphones.

CNBC published details of the plan, which it described as “secret,” to develop Facebook, new virtual reality glasses, whose main task will be to provide a new experience for its users.
Facebook is collaborating with Luxoteca, a leading eyewear manufacturer, including Rayban.

The network cited its sources as the symbolic name of Facebook secret project “Orion”, and is expected to be officially launched glasses between 2023 and 2025.

Facebook hopes Orion’s smart glasses will become a substitute for smartphones, which will dramatically change how users interact with things.

Facebook plans to make these glasses make phone calls, provide information directly on the glass, and share your location with others.

Facebook’s Arroyon glasses will rely on AI-assisted digital assistant technologies, making it easier for users to interact with them.

Facebook relies on its collaboration with the company that designed the glasses, “Rayban”, so that the size of the glasses become small and very attractive to consumers.

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