Great news for expatriates in Qatar

Great news for expatriates in Qatar

Expatriates in Qatar have a good reason to cheer with the recent rise in the value of dollar. In fact, the Asian currencies have depreciated by around up to 6 percent in the past four months, giving expatriates extra value for their money.

Additionally, expatriates of Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have also gained most as currencies of these countries have fallen the most since January 1 this year, as reported The Peninsula.

Depreciation in money is a good news for expatriates since they get additional income because of decline.

For instance, one Nepalese rupee was trading around 27.9 per Qatari riyal at the beginning of the year while the currency is now trading at 29.62 per riyal.

Again, th ePakistani rupee was trading at 30.10 per Qatari riyal on January 1 this year and now it has depreciated to around 31.54 against one riyal, showing a gain of Rs1.44 per riyal.

The Sri Lankan rupee also fell down around 1.4 per cent since the beginning of this year as the currency depreciated from 41.80 per riyal at the start of the year to now being at 43.21.

On the other hand, Indian rupee depreciated by around 6.5 per cent as the currency has fallen from 17.40 per riyal at the beginning of the year to 18.53 now.

Lastly, Philippine peso weekend by 5 per cent to 14.27 per riyal now from 13.6 per riyal at the beginning of the year.

As a matter of fact, the American currency is expected to strengthen in during the next six months.

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