Great news: Mobile phone prices go down in Qatar!

Great news: Mobile phone prices go down in Qatar!

Prices of existing phone models have fallen significantly after the launch of new models by phone makers, giving consumers chance to own cell phones at lower rates. Prices of existing models have fallen up to 20 percent in the last few months.

Tech giants Apple and Samsung had recently announced the launch of their latest models last month. Apple announced it had launched its iPhone 8 and iPhone X while Samsung launched its Note 8.

Prices of existing models iPhone 6 and 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 declined, after these new models reached the local market.

iPhone 7 plus with 128GB internal memory was being sold at QR3,199 in March this year, but now the same model is available at QR2,899, showing a decline of 10 percent. Some retailer are even offering freebies such as free cover with it .

iPhone 6 Plus with internal 64GB internal memory was trading at QR2,099 in September last year, but now the customer can get hold of the same model at QR1,699, a fall of 20 percent.

Samsung S8 with 64GB internal memory was being sold at QR2,599 in June this year but now it is available at QR2,499. Similarly, Samsung S7 with 32 GB internal memory was being sold at around QR2,000 but it is now available QR1649, showing a fall of 18 percent. Other models have also witnessed the same trend.

“There are two set of customers. The first one, which has high disposable income, is always eager to buy the latest models. They are insensitive to prices and are ready to buy latest phones at any cost. While there is another category of customers who buy existing models. They focus more on savings and less on features,” a retail sales manager of hypermarket said.

Customers say that new phone launches do not always mean big innovation. “In the last two years, I have not seen any dramatic change in the new phone models. New models come with just few cosmetic changes. So it is better to spend on existing models rather than on new launches,” said an expatriate.

“I was waiting for the launch of iPhone 8, not because I wanted to buy it. I knew that once the new model hits the market, the price of iPhone 7 will drop,” said an expatriate who bought iphone 7 with 32 GB internal memory.

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