Great news for motorists in Qatar

Great news for motorists in Qatar

WAIN, a mobile app launched by the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) in partnership with Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC), has turned out to be a trustworthy travel guide for motorists in Qatar.

Wain is an Arabic word, which means ‘where’ in English.



Speaking to Qatar Tribune recently, motorists working in different job areas in Qatar heaped praises on the popular, user-friendly app.
Apart from being popular, the multi-faceted new app has also earned widespread appreciation since its recent launch because of the various services it offers, thereby making movement much easier for commuters.

An expatriate driver at a transport company said:”The Wain app features are very user-friendly. It works like an assistant for me helping me in my every day job.” Echoing the driver, a restaurant food delivery boy said:”Wain is very useful. It helps me to identify the location of buildings [during food delivery]. It reduces my job stress and enhances my performance at work.”

A business tourist on an assignment in Qatar said that he came to know about the Wain app through a friend.”Since then, the Wain app has been a ‘friend’ and a travel guide for me. Its multifaceted features enable me to understand traffic congestion and availability of parking spaces. The app not just benefits Doha residents but can also support tourists.”

The app, moreover, not only provides right directions for your destination, alerts a motorist about traffic jams and availability of parking at an important location, but it also offers details of the location, speed limit, navigation, road map, cycling path and much more, which makes it very popular among people from different walks of life.

A QMIC official explained to Qatar Tribune:”When a motorist opens the Wain app to find out about the traffic status on a particular road within its ‘Traffic’ feature and finds red lines popping up, it suggests that the road has a traffic jam. Similarly, orange line suggests less traffic and green line no traffic congestion.”

Wain also provides the latest maps of road networks that help commuters to reach their destinations easily and quickly, in addition to providing information on traffic congestion on roads across the country collected through a comprehensive, multi-source data collection network.

The app is considered to be”very useful”, owing to the recent expansion of urban areas and opening of new roads stretching over several kilometres in various directions in a short span of time.

In addition, the application provides ‘Navigation’ service using a digital addressing system ‘Enwani’ to help motorists reach their desired destinations. The app also displays the most important current and planned events, allowing users to easily discover events and navigate to their locations. Wain application alerts drivers when they exceed speed limit near fixed-speed cameras, for their safety and the safety of other road users.

Furthermore, users can share information via social networking platforms.

“The Wainapp regularly updates data related to roads by coordinating with Ashghal on a monthly basis and provides the latest information about new as well as closed roads,” the QMIC official added.

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