Great news during Ramadan!

Great news during Ramadan!

Have you been struggling to fit in your shopping time amidst the busy schedule of the holy month of Ramadan? Then this news is likely to give you some happiness.

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has announced that shopping malls and retail outlets in Qatar can extend their working hours, throughout the holy month of Ramadan, without obtaining prior approval.

All shopping malls and retail outlets (supermarkets, hypermarkets and others) could extend their working hours to 24 hours a day in line with efforts undertaken to stimulate commercial sectors, according to Gulf Times.

The ministry has urged all consumer complexes to clearly announce the times and dates of work for consumers, reported Qatar Tribune.

The MEC said that the new initiative comes as part of plans that were put forward for the holy month of Ramadan under the slogan ‘Less than a duty,’ where all commercial and consumer establishments are witnessing a heavy rush.

Throughout the holy month, shopping malls and retail outlets attract a large number of people during limited working hours.

Given the unique nature of Ramadan when time is divided between praying, working, commuting, and shopping among other preoccupations, the ministry urged shopping malls and retail outlets to extend working hours and inform consumers of the new timings so they can better plan their schedule and choose a convenient time for shopping.

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