Gulf Country is pulling back driving licenses from expatriates

Gulf Country is pulling back driving licenses from expatriates
The Ministry of the Interior has pulled back thousands of driving licenses from expatriates who have changed their profession and gotten driving licenses in unlawful ways report Alseyassah daily.
Service has pulled back an aggregate of 37,000 driving licenses because of infringement of transit regulations and change in calling from Jan 2015 – 2018.
It has been discovered that expats have been getting a driving permit in unlawful ways by undermining sort of calling to get a permit and were found amid reestablishment of permit as home restoration mirrored that other than changing organization their assignment likewise was changed.
Licenses are issued for a few special cases, for example, spouse of the Kuwaiti lady who is a widow or separated, a lady who have youngsters, proficient players, drivers, individuals from nursing bodies, pilots, skippers, other than these
Judges, investigators, advisors, specialists, employees of colleges, columnists, specialists, drug specialists, engineers, instructors, social laborers, analysts, mosque imams, and sports mentors are issued. The classifications prohibited from the term of living arrangement are general supervisors and their associates and Accountants.
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