Guy kills his sister due to a fight over WiFi

Guy kills his sister due to a fight over WiFi

An American teenager faces life in prison after killing his during a fight over a Wi-Fi password, according to a report in the Independent newspaper.
Kevon Watkins, a 16-year-old, committed the crime during February 2018.
Kevon changed the Wi-Fi password at home as Internet speeds became slow due to consumption by the whole family and his inability to use online video games, according to testimony he made during his trial. When his mother tried to remove the video game from his room, his 19-year-old sister, Alexis Watkins, intervened for fear that the problem would develop.

Kevon then put his hands around his sister’s neck and did not leave her for at least 10 minutes.


The police arrived home 10 minutes later, and Kivon was still holding his sister.


“In those 10 minutes, Alecs stopped moving. Kevon probably didn’t notice it because he was still angry,” said Verdah Colvin, the Supreme Court judge in Pep County, Alabama.

After being sentenced to life in prison, Kevon cried: “I’m sorry.”

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