HANGOUT and JUMP at Mirqab Mall

HANGOUT and JUMP at Mirqab Mall


Al Mana Entertainment (AME) designed a new JUMP and HANGOUT concepts.



Located in Mirqab Mall, the two concepts are thrillingly unique to the Qatar market.

JUMP comprises an indoor space of over 700sq.m. that offers its visitors a heart-pounding experience with several attractions such as the Trampoline Arena where children can bounce to their hearts’ content, or the Foam Pits where visitors can practice aerial tricks or simply enjoy the freedom of flying through the air and landing in a soft cushion of foam cubes.



HANGOUT, a popular destination for teens, has also been redesigned to capitalize on the growing demand for entertainment for the young adult demographic. Similar to a gaming theme park crossed with an arcade, HANGOUT now incorporates traditional arcade games and bespoke motorsport and aviation simulators in addition to a wide array of the trendiest Virtual Reality and PlayStation games. HANGOUT is THE spot where teenagers could HANGOUT and chill, and the arena where they could immerse in a multitude of activities and competitions in a hip, cool yet safe environment.



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