Homeless people’s life in Doha

Homeless peoples’ life in Doha
Its well kwon that Qatar developed in the last few years on several levels, which made it an attractive area to live in for people whom are looking to make a kind of change in their life.

Many people came from several countries around the world including Iran, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Unfortunately not all of them where able to get jobs or even houses therefore, they became homeless or sleep in their work areas.

Some of them sleep in parks other may sleep in some stores they work illegally in, and their situation is so miserable. Most of the times they sleep on the ground in an unhealthy environment. This lead some of them to suffer from various types of diseases.

It happens that many foreign workers can’t get a proper accommodation.

Some of them may work with people that accept the fact that they are illegal workers, but they keep the issue secret. Other may stand beside a mall for example and they take whatever people would give them.

Homeless people in Doha live a different type of life. Policemen are always following them, and there is a possibility that they could be arrested and prisoner each and every minute. So they stay up all night and whenever they hear any police car they run away directly. Especially that most of them don’t have any kind of documents.

Since they have no shelter, many of those people, have a real danger all the time. Some of them may got mugged or face several types of violence.

Those people left their countries to work, but they today are suffering and no member of their families knows about their bad situation. But the case is, as they say always, that their families need money therefore they should provide it.

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