A horrific crime: he killed 22 people

A horrific crime: he killed 22 people

A man, angered by his girlfriend, committed a horrific crime in which 22 people were killed in cold blood.
In the details, a man named Gabriel Waterman was angry about his girlfriend’s escape, killing 22 people, setting fire to several homes, and burning police cars before he was killed. The massacre, described by Canada, was described by the media as the “worst bloody event” the country has seen in decades.
The shooting started last Saturday night in the rural town of Portabic, a village about 130 km from the provincial capital, Halifax.


The killer, an orthodontist, committed his horrific massacre because of a fight between him and his girlfriend, who rushed to flee the house and hid in a nearby forest, apparently to escape an inevitable death.


Police spokeswoman Darren Campbell reported that the perpetrator who was subsequently killed was planning “horrific crimes”, noting that he had killed 22 people in 16 different locations.


Campbell said that the police received a phone call from Gabriel’s girlfriend telling them that he was driving a car similar to police cars, before receiving communications that killed two men and a woman and burning their house 35 miles from the perpetrator’s house.

Gabriel had set his house on fire before he began his horrific attacks, and the police initially thought he had committed suicide.


After that, Gabriel killed a woman who was walking on one of the sidewalks before stopping a car and killing all its passengers. He then almost killed a police officer, but the latter managed to escape despite being wounded.


The events continued, and Waterman hit a police car before killing her.


Thirteen hours after the massacres of that man, for whom he was known for calm and goodwill, began to kill, the police officers managed to kill him while he was filling up his car’s fuel tank.


The police spokeswoman explained that the friend’s murderer had begun to recover from the shock, and was cooperating well in the investigations.