How to deal with this problem which you may face on Qatar streets?

Usually you may face some problems while driving on Qatar streets, most of times you would be annoyed of bikers/bikes for several reason mainly related to safety issues.

Therefore here some tips to follow to prevent such issues:


Prevent moving forward in front of a biker at a roundabout, because such place is very hard place to ride in for a biker. Keep that in mind.


Driving with a high speed threatens your life and the biker’s life; therefore try to stay in the speed limits.

Special conditions

Mainly when it raining the chance to have an accident in general and with a biker specifically is higher than any other time, then be aware while driving in such conditions especially in dangerous places.


Don’t overtake because the biker will panic and this may lead to serious accident. Whenever you see that you should do that follow the rules.

Do not panic

When you see motorbikes don’t panic, it’s something normal that you should deal with. So don’t lose control and don’t make bad decisions at such moment, because this may let to an accident.


Try always to keep a distance from the bike, because if something went wrong then at least you would have a chance to control the case.

Give way

Let the biker pass in front of you, sometimes this would help.

Be safe!

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