You should immediately stop using Windows this version

You should immediately stop using Windows this version


Microsoft made it clear earlier this year that it no longer wanted to provide updates for the old Windows 7 system.

In a post on social media pages, the tech giant warned “If you continue to use Windows 7 after support ends, your computer will continue to work, but it will become more vulnerable to viruses and security risks. Your computer will continue to boot and run, but you will not receive software updates anymore, Including security updates. ”

This lack of updates clearly makes users more vulnerable to attacks, and there is now dangerous news for anyone who ignored these warnings and not moved to Windows 10.

A new threat has been discovered by the ACROS Security team that is now targeting Windows 7 users, and this threat includes anyone who uses the Zoom service for video calls on laptops and desktops.

This new bug allows cybercriminals to take over computers remotely, and this can compromise sensitive data and user profiles.

It was confirmed that this bug includes users of Windows 7 and earlier systems, and it is certainly an alarm bell for people who have not yet decided to upgrade to Windows 10.

The developer of the Zoom application is now aware of the problem and is working to solve it and ensure that the users’ devices are not hacked.