Here are the important points of the new labor law that will come into effect on Dec. 14

A new labor law will come into effect starting December 14.

This new law will make it easier for employees to Qatar the country and also transfer their sponsorship within country.

Therefore here are some of the points that you should know about this new law.

Employment contract

A work contract will regulate the relation between boss and worker.

Definite Term contracts will not exceed a period of 5 years. After completing 5 of work, worker can move to another company without any NOC, provided they get approval from the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA).

Two year bans

Till now the new law does not say anything about the prevailing 2 year ban on an employee who leaves Qatar after resigning his work or at the end of his contract.

Dispute resolution committee

A new committee will be found to resolve labor-related disputes. It will be responsible for settling disputes related to labor law and work contracts within a maximum time frame of 3 weeks.

A judge from the Court of First Instance, whom will be chosen by the Supreme Judiciary Council, will chair the committee.

Appeals Committee

Any decision made by the dispute resolution committee can be contested at the Appeals Committee within 15 days of the original verdict. A judge from the Court of Appeal will head the appeals committee.

Exit permits

Exit permits will no longer be a must to travel to outside Qatar. A worker will have to inform his employer 3 days before and apply through <Metrash 2> system.

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