Imported products recalled for fear of likely contamination

Imported products recalled for fear of likely contamination

The Joint Committee on Human Food Control has announced the withdrawal of ‘frozen corn and vegetable’ products originating from Hungary and Belgium as a precautionary measure for possible contamination with Listeria bacteria, following an international notification, reported Gulf Times.

The products were manufactured and marketed by Green Yard, also known as Pinguin.

The committee explained it was clear that the product was distributed in limited quantities, and was completely withdrawn by competent authorities from outlets in cooperation with the distributor and that the quantities was reserved, according to The Peninsula.

Samples of the product were taken for testing in the laboratories of the Ministry of Public Health to ensure its safety. It was also noted that good cooking was sufficient to eliminate the bacteria.

The Joint Committee called on all consumers who purchased the product not to consume it but to return it to the outlet from which it was purchased.

It added that in case the product was consumed and one noticed symptoms like nausea, fever or intestinal disorder within three to five days of consumption, the patient should head to the health centre urgently, reported Qatar Tribune.

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