An Indian company will launch the cheapest phone ever

Ringing Bells Company, an Indian Company, announced that it will launch the cheapest phone worldwide with a price that will not exceed 500 Rupee (7 USD and 30 Cents), at the time many reports said that the price of this phone will not exceed 251 Rupee (3 Dollars and 67 Cents).



These reports showed that the phone, which will be named “Freedom 251”, will have several features such as an 8 GB memory and two front and back cameras.



The Company mentioned that this phone will make a revolution in the industry.



There are expectations that this phone will be sold mainly in markets that sell phone of low prices.



Ringing Bells Company is considered to be a new company in the field of smart phones, especially that it was found few months ago, but still it was able to create the cheapest phone in India (3000 Rupee), which also works with 4G.



Knowing that India is the second country worldwide, after China, with number of mobiles users with about 1 Billion people.

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