Inland Sea: a fantastic and unusual place to visit in Qatar!

The Inland Sea is one most awesome tourist attractions in Qatari it’s also known as Khor Al-Adaid area.


Only 4×4 vehicles can reach this point and its preferable to visit the area with someone whom is familiar with the place.


The sand dunes are so close to the water’s edge.


The sea surges west in a narrow channel that separates Qatar from Saudi Arabia and then curves off to the North to create a shallow lake.


The area reveals a unique combination of geological and geo-morphological features. These features themselves create an awesome natural beauty.


Recently salt hummocks, stony deserts, elevated mesas and rocky outcrops where recently discovered there.

There is also a marine ecosystem. You will see Dugong and Turtles and various types of fantastic plants.


Plus there are many valuable archaeological sites and a diversity of cultural heritage sites to be found in the area and all reveal the real Arabian lifestyle. You will be able to see camels and talk to Bedouins.


If you love fishing, then you can practice it.


If you want a trip in the day or night with picnics, barbeques, camel rides, sand skiing..etc , then here is a list of some companies that offers you trips:
Arabian Adventures – tel:44361461 or 55565359
Black Pearl Tours – tel:44357333 or 55551169
Gulf Adventures – tel:44221888 or 55881760
Qatar International Adventures – tel:44553954 or 55527225
Qatar International Tours – tel:44551141 or 55010137


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