All what you should know about Qetaifan Islands in Qatar (Photos included!)

Only a select few can claim they live on an exclusive island. Located just off the coast and a short drive from lusail city’s bright lights, Qetaifan islands are unique in every way. A true indication of style and status, where luxurious waterfront living meets, exclusive property and a warm community feel

Being surrounded by water gives you a fresh perspective on life, relationships and family. At Qetaifan islands community comes first with shared areas and a friendly environment that brings families and people together as one, holistic community.

The islands promise a life of relaxation, with spa treatments and therapies to rejuvenate the body, stimulate the senses and replenish the soul. And afterwards, take a stroll in the grand manicured lawns with tennis courts; pool amenities with the villas are set in the dune grass landscape with boardwalks.

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