All what you should know about Tawar Mall that will open soon in Qatar!

It will open in March 2017 as expected.

It will include a hotel and a souk that combines world heritage and national Qatari traditions.

Includes 312 stores divided on three floors.

2500 parking lot inside the mall and 4500 outside.

Includes a cultural market over 2500 meters which consists of 65 small shops of awesome heritage designs.

Includes many restaurants, 8 cinema halls, and 70 celebrations and meeting rooms.

The Largest hypermarket over 6,000 meters with European specifications.

Many games for kids.

Various shops that sell jewelry, watches, home appliances and others.

A Hotel which consists of 122 rooms; in addition to health spas and swimming pools.

Will cost about QR1.5 billion.

For more information visit the malls’ website

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