Latest information about the new Qatari labor law that expatriates must know about

With the new labor law all set to come into force next month; people are waiting a lot of changes to happen to the way they work in the country.

With the new rules, newly-arrived expatriates will be given a 30-day period to process their residence in the country, while earlier the period had been just seven days.

This was disclosed by Search and Follow up Department Director Brigadier Abdulla Jabir Al Libdah.

An expatriate worker will be able to transfer to another employer before the end of his/her job contract, subject to approval from the original employer, the departments concerned and the Ministry of Administrative Development and Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA).

Also, expatriate employees can transfer to other employers as soon as the contract period expires or after completing 5 years in case of open-ended contracts, upon obtaining the approval of MADLSA.

In case of a dispute between the expatriate employee and employer or recruiter, it is possible to grant the worker temporary transfer to another employer with the approval of MADLSA.

Expatriate workers who are not covered by the law, the transfer can be granted when it is proven that the employer has abused his rights. 

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