Latest news on bird flu cases in Qatar

Latest news on bird flu cases in Qatar


The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) on Sunday said that no case of bird flu has been reported in Qatar.
The Ministry said that avian flu is closely and continuously monitored by the National Influenza Center, which periodically scans samples to monitor the types of viruses that are spread and to detect epidemiological patterns.

Besides, the MoPH in coordination with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment(MME) and through the certified animal disease surveillance network is reviewing epidemiological situation of animal health in all countries.

The MoPH is also preparing a list of infected countries in order to ban import of foodstuff from there.

As per the MME reports, periodic surveys have confirmed that the poultry sector is free from high intensity bird flu.

Bird flu is caused by a virulent virus that is transmitted among birds, but its transmission from birds to humans occurs only in rare conditions among people who have direct contact with infected poultry.

MoPH called for the need to be accurate and obtain the correct information from its official sources, reiterating its commitment to transparency and prompt action in case of detection of any such disease that poses a threat to public health.

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