Latest news: Expatriate jailed for 15 years and fined QR400000 for trading drugs

An expatriate man, who was caught for large-scale peddling of drugs and its consumption, has been sentenced to 15 years in jail and fined QR 400000.

The Drug Prevention Department received a tip-off that the defendant was peddling illicit drugs like hashish and opium. He was about to take delivery of around 1 kg of hashish at the Al Wakrah area.

It is understood that it was a sample shipment, with another 9 kg hashish to follow soon. Plainclothes policemen followed the dealer and caught him at the time he picking up the shipment worth QR 30000. The guilty then tried to throw away the sample.

However, a search of his vehicle and house brought to light small amounts of hashish and opium. He was convicted on the basis of the evidences.

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