Let Al Wakrah Beach be you destination this weekend!

If you want, on weekends and afternoons, to gather with your friend s and family to have some fun, then you should visit the Al Wakrah Beach.Al Wakrah city is situated 10 km south of Doha and the beach is approximately 15 km southeast of the town centre. The beach has golden sand and changes to be softer as you move more towards the sea.


The sea is somehow unsafe to swim in, but still you can walk in the sea for fun.


You can enjoy watching a crab or two side-stepping quickly in the sand, tiny fish swimming around and catch some shells.
The water is very clear and you will enjoy the softness of sand under our legs.


The beach is equipped with good equipment needed to offer you best service and prevent you from the high temperatures. Also there are playgrounds, a volleyball pitch, a soccer pitch, toilets, showers.
Don’t visit this beach to swim, but to have a good time with friends and family. This beach is found to socialize and do probably something like a picnic.


Get your camera to take some beautiful shots of your family and friends while having a quality time.


You should know that there is a parking found in front of the beach, next to the toilets and play areas.


Food and beverages are not available; therefore make sure you bring enough supplies of food and drink.


There is a mosque found near the beach.
Maybe you could have some problems while trying to know the location of the beach, therefore try to know about it more before going.


Getting water shoes would be a good idea.


The best time to visit this sea is in the morning, because few people would be there. In the afternoons, most of the spaces could be full.


Get sun hats and a sunscreen.

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