How to let your phone battery last longer?

Recharging the phone battery is a problem that many people suffer from. Many people have to recharge their batteries more than one time day, and they return this to a problem in the batteries made by the manufacturer.
But in fact the problem is that people usually to common mistakes when charging their batteries.


Many of us believe today that the concept of charging the phone moment before turning of is the best way to preserve your battery’s quality.
Therefore here some advises to follow in order to let your battery last for a long time: Don’t recharge you battery till it’s full, but take it off the charger before it’s complete. Also don’t keep you phone on the charger all night. Letting your battery reach 100% affects it negatively because it let the chemicals inside it interact in a way that let the battery lose its quality.
Don’t be afraid to put your phone more than on time a day on the charger.
Whenever you realize that your battery reached 20% put it on the charger and whenever it reaches the 80% take it out of the charger.
If you felt that the battery is giving heat then directly take it out the phone and keep it for minutes until it cools down.
When you are out of your home, especially when the weather is hot, put a cover to your phone to prevent and excessive warmth that could affect the battery negatively.
Don’t use your phone while it’s on the charger, because this makes it warm which leads to serious defects in it.
Don’t bite or boil your battery. Many people do that because they think it stimulates their battery when it is off. But in fact such acts destroy the battery quickly.

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