Locations of 3 new Mosques in Qatar

Locations of 3 new Mosques in Qatar

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has opened three new mosques with residences for the imams and the muezzins, situated in the Aba Al-hiran, Librethat and Al-Seej regions, Gulf Times revealed.

Aba Al-hiran mosque has a primary lobby for supplications and a complete region with a limit with regards to 500 men and 75 ladies admirers, with habitations for the imams also.

Librethat mosque can suit around 268 admirers with a fundamental supplication corridor for 220 men and 48 ladies, and with living arrangements for the imam and the muezzin, along different courtesies.

Al Seej Area mosque has a principle lobby for petitions that can oblige 500 men and an other corridor for 48 ladies admirers, with two homes for the imams.

The three mosques incorporate bathing zones, just as open vehicle parking spots, some of which are devoted to individuals with incapacities.

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