Look at the sky above Qatar tomorrow!

Look at the sky above Qatar tomorrow!

If you crane your necks and look up to the skies tomorrow evening, you may just catch the year’s first meteor showers.

Qatar and the rest of the northern Hemisphere will be able to catch the showers starting from Wednesday evening until dawn on Thursday, January 4, reported Gulf Times, quoting the Qatar Calendar House (QCH).

The phenomenon, known as the Quadrantids Meteor Shower, is usually active every year from the last week of December until second week of January, reported The Peninsula.

Dr Bashir Marzouq, an astronomer at the QCH, said the Quadrantids Meteor Showers are very distinctive owing to its high fall rate at the peak which reaches 80 meteors per hour, according to Qatar Tribune.

Named after the now-defunct constellation Quadrans Muralis, the Quadrantid meteor shower is one of only two major meteor showers not originating from a comet — the other being the Geminids in December.

The Quadrantids are associated with an asteroid, known as 2003 EH1, which takes about 5.5 years to orbit the sun.

Residents of Qatar can see and monitor the meteors with the naked eye, looking at the northeastern horizon of Qatar’s sky just before midnight.

The best places to see the Quadrantids Meteor Showers are the darkest places away from residential areas and the best time is from midnight to dawn.

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