Looking for a wild and natural beach?! Then visit Al Maroona Beach!

Al Maroona is, a wild and natural, beach to visit if you are looking for great time with your friends and family members. The sand of the beach is so soft with a golden color and a big sea which has a warm temperature the thing that makes exploring the sea life something amazing. You will be able to see starfish, tiny hermit crabs, jellyfish and turtles too. Note that you should walk for a short distance in aim of swimming; your children will love it!
It would be awesome to build sand castles.
Remember to take food and drinks with you, because no shops are available at the beach.
Also remember to take your own shades.
Try to arrive in the early morning to get a place.
Showers are not found.
Toilets are not found.
There is no mosque nearby.
You can park on the sandy ground just before the beach.
Al Maroona Beach is an awesome destination in which you can escape the city.
Location: situated on the northeastern tip of Qatar, just before Fuwairit Beach.

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