Mall of Qatar is hosting some awesome activities that are open to all people!

Mall of Qatar is thrilled to premiere Pirates today at 7:30pm and 9:30pm, taking place at Mall of Qatar’s Oasis the heart of the mall.
The MOQ Live theater crew will bring a new one-of-a-kind free show for visitors in consisting of spectacular talent and costumes.

Pirates will see ‘Jack’ and the ‘Sea Turtle’ team up and win against the Kraken Queen, as she rises up from the depths of the ocean with her tentacles enveloping the ship, rescuing the pirates and the ship from sinking into the sea.
The Oasis extensive lighting, sound and water features will all come together to create an awesome performance.

This is just one of many exciting theater shows set to take place on in the Oasis stage.

People, of all ages, are invited to come to Mall of Qatar and join the adventure to the depths of the seas.

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