Man discovers that his wife is a Male!

Man discovers that his wife is a Male!


A Ugandan man has been the victim of a fraud and fraud, discovering two weeks after a marriage that his wife is a “man” rather than a female.

In the details, Muhammad Mutumba, an imam of a mosque, was looking for a bride to marry her, to meet a veiled girl whom he liked and asked her to marry in order to agree.

And the girl stipulated that Mutumba should not legally have an intimate relationship with her, unless she paid her full dowry to her maternal aunt.

Two weeks after the wedding and the alleged bride’s maternal aunt received the full dowry, the wife claimed that she was in her menstrual period.

As the days passed, the neighbors saw the bride robbing their homes, seizing electrical appliances and cooking utensils. The neighbors informed the police, who had arrested the fake wife, so that everyone would discover that she was a “male”.

Upon the husband’s knowledge, he submitted a communication accusing his fake wife of fraud on him, forgery on official papers and impersonating a woman.

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