Man in Qatar killed while listening to music via earphones

Man in Qatar killed while listening to music via earphones


The judiciary convicted the driver of the vehicle of a foolishly guilty crime, and how it endangered the lives of people and money, and he lost a passing road after which he lost his life because he did not pay attention to the vehicle coming because he put his ears to listen to music.

The appellant mourns the verdict issued against him, who convicted him of the two accusations of wrongful injury, driving awkwardly at a vehicle, and of how people and money are endangered.

Evidence has proven that the wrong corner of the appellant is represented by driving a vehicle in violation of laws and regulations in a manner that results in danger and is characterized by flexibility, lack of precaution and without any insight and attention to the road condition, which led to collision with the victim.

The victim was wearing a headset with his ear, listening to music and not paying attention to the arrival of the vehicle and the common mistake in criminal responsibility.

The obituary is not appropriate, and the ruling concluded that the error of both sides of the appellant and the victim is equal to 50% for each of them, and the appellant is obligated with a full start, and the appeal was rejected.

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