Many injuries due to ATVs crashes in Qatar

Many injuries due to ATVs crashes in Qatar

A new report released by the Hamad Trauma Center’s Hamad Injury Prevention Program (HIPP) shows that the number of children and females injured while using ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) is on the rise.

It was highlighted in the report that a 42 per cent increase in serious ATV-related injuries, with a 92 per cent increase in the number of children affected and a 154 per cent increase in the number of females injured.

 Children as young as 16 months of age have been treated by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) for injuries sustained because of ATV crashes, while young males under 22 years of age are identified as being at most risk for severe injury, the report shows.

Dr Rafael Consunji, director of the HIPP, stated that the month of December is when Hamad Trauma Center begins to see more patients who are injured while riding ATVs.

He added that most of the victims are youth, between the ages of 12 and 29 years. Many of the patients injured during the nine-year study period were male.

Dr Consunji said that ATVs are designed for one passenger and that safely operating the vehicles requires the driver to manage the passenger’s weight.

He said the driver must have enough strength, training, and experience to drive the ATV safely.

Further, he added that safety laws regarding ATV use are in force throughout much of the world and not only place an age limit on the operation of these vehicles but also require the use of protective equipment such as helmets.

The report pointed out that, head injuries were the most common followed by arm and leg fractures.

Dr. Consunji recommended personal protective equipments while operating ATVs in Qatar.

Over-the-ankle boots, gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants are also recommended to protect knees and elbows from cuts and scratches.

ATVs must also be selected with full-driver restraint systems, such as a 5- or 7-point harness (like those worn by Formula 1 drivers), anchored at the crotch and shoulders.

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