Mother hangs her two kids till death

Mother hangs her two kids till death 

More than two months after being found stranded in the basement of the family home, a woman in Pennsylvania has been arrested after killing two of her children.

Lisa Snyder, 36, who was arrested at her home in Albany, Pennsylvania, on Monday morning, told police that her 8-year-old son had been subjected to violence at school, which led to his suicide, authorities said. The child suffers from a physical disability that prevents him from hanging himself, according to the New York Post.

“Children at the age of eight and generally don’t have enough awareness to plan a suicide, so of course we had some doubt about what was reported in the mother’s communication,” Pyrex County Attorney John T. Adams told a news conference on Monday.

The police statement said the crime took place on September 23, when the “criminal mother” contacted them around 4:30 pm. She said she found two of her children hanging with ropes in the basement. After 11 minutes, emergency responders arrived and found Conner Snyder (8 years) and Brinley Snyder (4 years) dead and hung by a 3-foot gallows, according to prosecutors.

Investigators charged the woman seriously when they confiscated her mobile phone, two iPads and a laptop computer from a house. Tightly, according to court documents.