How to move around Doha city?

1-Public transport, and that’s through:

Mowasalat (tel: 4458 8888; that runs a huge bus network in Doha.
The intercity buses which serve the city center only.
The interurban buses: for the suburb areas.
Bus prices are cheap with specific offers for those people who stay for long periods in Doha.




You can ask for a taxi or a limousine, but you should know that such means of transportation will cost you more. Using a such a taxi or a limousine is the best and safer way to move around the city. The best way to get a taxi is to order it through a certain company such as Twenty Twenty Limousine Services (tel: 4467 1007) and Mustafawi Limousine (tel: 3340 2984). Nowadays the news taxis has a green color while the old taxis has orange or white colors.




There is no problem in taking this choice if you like to. But you should know that you will probably experience a heavy traffic jam with hard times while driving. Also you should know that many malls charge for parking. Many hotels in the city have a valet parking.



4-Renting a car for you own:

You can rent a car if you are 21 years old and above from many companies such as Budget (tel: 4431 0411;, Sixt (tel: 4428 1739; and Avis (tel: 4466 7744;



5-Rent a Bike:

It’s not always a good choice to cycle in Doha mainly because of the hot weather. But if you decided to do that then you can rent a bike

From Carbon Wheels Bike Shop in the Al Maha Center (tel: 4441 9048; .You can also rent bicycles from Aspire Park (tel: 4413 8188; and try out the 5km (3-mile) bike track.

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