All what you need to know about camping in Qatar

Camping is a well known activity that takes place in Qatar during between October and April.


Many people living in the country prefer to set up semi-permanent winter camps along the coast where they can get entertained.


Such camps are licensed by the government, and have water tanks, generators, electric lighting, air conditioning, and even television.


You can choose between beaches on the north-eastern or western coasts, or even an island!


If you are looking for peace and quiet, then the best place to go is away from the coast. During winter you will find beautiful flowering plants there.


The Ras Abrouq peninsula, north of Dukhan on the east coast, is a great place to camp. The spot has golden sand and shining white limestone mesas that has awesome shapes. The seas are shallow seas and good for swimming.


At Khor al Adaid, the inland sea which is an hour’s drive south of Mesaieed, majestic golden dunes line the coast. On the far side spectacular pink cliffs rise above the turquoise water, and ospreys nest on rocky stacks in the sea. Four-wheel drive vehicles are essential for this trip.


While at Umm Tais National Park, there is flat, sandy beaches are ideal for camping, and the area is popular at weekends with kite-surfers. The coastline has interesting archaeological sites, ruined villages and old forts.


Just offshore at Umm Tais is a complex of small islands, reachable by vehicle at low tide, which are home to some stromatolites, the most ancient form of life on earth.

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