All what you need to know about visas to Qatar


Steps to get into Qatar.
To visit Qatar you should own a passport valid that is at least for six months. For those interested in visiting Qatar they must obtain a visa to visit before traveling there.
Visitors to the country, being tourists must provide a statement that they own one thousand three hundred seventy US dollars as cash or the equivalent number in another currency. In the absence of that, the credit card sufficient, if it contain the same amount of money needed. In addition to all this, also it requires the presence of an accommodation hotel voucher to stay with the traveler.
Tourist Visa
These visas are given due to a bail from any hotel operating in the country that has a privilege under the prior adoption by specific authority, also these visas are given through an to ensure of persons by their relatives via Qatar Airways. The duration of the visa is one month not more.
Submission of the application electronically:
To submit a request electronically through Qatar Airways, please follow these steps
Confirm the validity of data before sending it
Payment of the fee in the case your application is approved.

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Work Visas
All foreign employees working in Qatar must be carrying work visas. The sponsor should apply for this vise electronically after are the required documents are available.
Submission of an application:
In order to apply for a work visa, then please follow these steps:
Fill in the application form electronically
Edit any private information of yours, and provide all information and documents required including the personal card number and a copy of the identity of the organization ID and a copy of the employee’s passport.
Confirm the validity the data before sending it
Pay the required fees when the request is approved.
Print out this visa

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