A new decision concerning taxis in Qatar

A new decision concerning taxis in Qatar

People in Qatar who have used Karwa’s Taxi services may have experienced drivers charging them more than what is shown in the meter. Although many complaints have come up, precious little have been done to counter it.

Now, Qatar’s Cabinet has given its nod to a draft decision by HE the Minister of Interior that requires taxi drivers to charge only what is shown on the meter, reported Gulf Times.

However, the draft decision has also prohibited the sharing of taxis, which has been a common practise by many. The two decisions came during the Cabinet’s regular meeting in Doha yesterday.

The draft decision stipulates that provisions of the law shall apply to taxis operated by Mowasalat within the State in accordance with the concession granted to it.

The draft law states that a taxi driver is required to ‘charge no more than the value recorded by the meter’ even if there is ‘more than one passenger in a group.’

The driver is ‘also prohibited from allowing another person to ride with the passenger, even if the destination is the same.’

The Cabinet’s regular meeting at the Emiri Diwan also approved a draft law on regulating the ownership of dangerous animals or creatures, and referred it to the Advisory Council.

The provisions of the draft law ‘prohibit the ownership, import, export or trade of any dangerous animals and creatures without a license from the competent entity.’

Now, it is also prohibited to ‘take, walk around or hike’ with any such dangerous animals and creatures in public places.

The owners and holders of dangerous animals shall take precautions and measures to ensure that such creatures do not escape.

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