New E-Visa procedure for expat workers before arrival

New E-Visa procedure for expat workers before arrival

Officials in Qatar are undertaking on Fingerprinting and Biometric Data Processing, Medical Examination Procedures and Signing Work Contracts for Expatriates Abroad prior.

Officials said: “Through this task, an ostracize specialist will have the capacity to finish the unique finger impression, biometric information handling, restorative examination and sign the work contract from his nation of origin.”

This process will start with 8 nations (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tunisia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia) and Sri Lanka will be the primary nation.

To start the process, an applicant should go to and fill out the application.

Then a specialist can book an arrangement through, finish biometric, medicinal and work contract technique at the administration focus in his nation of origin.

The new framework to bring laborers will secure the privileges of the specialists and managers by recording the work contracts marked between the gatherings previously their entry to Qatar and guarantees both the gatherings’ consistency with the terms and states of the agreement.

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