New graduates in Qatar are finding few jobs, a survey says

A new report mentioned that the new university graduates in Qatar are facing problems to find jobs in the country. Many of these graduates said that their level of suffering varies from difficult to very difficult. But still Qataris are the more optimistic than other people in MENA region concerning finding jobs. Many people from the Gulf also gave same opinion when it comes to finding jobs. Not only that, but the rate of people whom agreed about that exceeded 50%.

4,427 fresh graduates from UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia participated in this survey.

Qataris mentioned that they are facing unemployment due to the lack of experience. They considered experience as a factor that attracts employers to hire people.

Qataris also mentioned they employees chose sometime to hire new graduates because of the following reasons:

1-Law salary they ask for
3-They follow the instructions more
4-Ability to handle more challenges

Other 34% of the people whom participated in the poll they said that not searching for a job effectively is another reason for being unemployed. 28% of them said that they don’t know to find jobs that fit their fields of study.

Also the survey has revealed that the fresh graduates in Qatar are practical lot.

34 percent said that they will continue searching for a job and they will not lose hope although they submitted many job applications in different companies to work in their industry but they received no answer.

26 percent of the participants said they will search for other jobs in other industry that they would like, and 21 percent said they will work in any type of job.

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