A new hypermarket just opened in Qatar

A new hypermarket just opened in Qatar

The Amana Puregold general store opened its first branch in Qatar, offering particularly Filipino items

This hypermarket will be serving a huge number of Filipinos living in Qatar.

There is a plan to open five more outlets as a feature of its extension sooner rather than later to take care of the developing demand for Filipino items.

The 500sqm outlet has 70% Filipino sustenance items in its racks while nearby things and various brands from different nations are likewise in plain view.

Vegetables and organic products, (from salted eggs to ‘calamansi’, banana, pineapple and mangoes), and canned merchandise, and in addition non-nourishment things, for example, beautifying agents (Ever Bilena), are all offered.

Numerous Filipinos, particularly the individuals who live in the Al Sadd zone, remain to profit by the recently opened Puregold outlet.

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