A new requirement imposed by Instagram on users

A new requirement imposed by Instagram on users


Instagram’s photo and video sharing service has begun to prevent people who are not logged in from seeing unlimited public posts, in a move to get users to create an account or sign in because it is important to study user activities.
With the new change, Instagram – owned by Facebook – will display a window asking users to register or log in after viewing a number of photos and publications, whether via the web or mobile devices.


“This helps people see photos on Instagram, so they understand how to get the best Instagram experience by joining the community, communicating and interacting with the people and things they love,” she told Adweek.
The new change is believed to be part of changes that Facebook, which acquired Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012, is seeking to add to the service since its founders (Kevin Sistrum and Mike Krieger) resigned from the company last September.


Facebook aims to increase users’ access to Instagram so that they can see others’ posts, which Facebook does with its social network. Non-registered users are prohibited from seeing users’ posts.


But unlike Facebook and Instagram now, Twitter’s social network allows users to see their users’ public tweets, and they must sign in to interact with them.

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