NYT: Al-Hazm Mall is one of the coolest malls worlwide

New York Times has chosen Al Emadi’s AlHazm, to open this September, as   one the most cultured and coolest new malls in the world. This mall has an Italian design. You can feel that you are in Rome whenever you are inside it. It’s supposed to attract all people whom go to Europe in aim of shopping.

This mall is a luxurious one. Each person visiting this mall will be treated in person, to get a unique experience.

It was chosen, one of the most compelling asp because it’s been built to have some of the features that are familiar to those of the Italy’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world’s oldest shopping malls. This old mall has a unique design that makes it different from all other buildings surrounding it.

AlHazm mall includes a wide glass dome and olive trees from Sicily with age of 200 years old. It also will work on promoting art, culture, and luxury.

There is a possibility that it could include libraries, reading rooms and books related to art, architecture, culture, Islamic world and others.

Alhazm is not only a mall for doing shopping but it’s a new lifestyle destination.

Other malls to make the NYT shortlist were:

  • Aishti by the Sea, a mall that opened on the waterfront in Beirut last year that also has museum space;
  • Bikini Berlin, a concept mall next the city zoo that showcases emerging designers with pop-up exhibitions and houses tech and design stores; and
  • The Commons, a new Bangkok mall where food and artisan take center stage.

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