Officials comment on the domestic worker accommodation video

Officials comment on the domestic worker accommodation video

A video on social media showing crowded accommodation for domestic workers was made by a disgruntled employee for the purpose of blackmailing the employment agency.

The accommodation that appeared in the video belongs to one of the licensed recruitment agencies.

Officials in Qatar found that there are two separate accommodations — one for the domestic workers returned to the agency and the other for new arrivals to the country.

Due to certain electric problem workers were moved temporarily to the other building. This led to crowding in the building for a few hours.

Meanwhile, one of the domestic workers, who was being sent back home as she didn’t clear the medical check-up, filmed the accommodation for blackmailing the agency to prevent it from sending her back to her country.

“It should be taken into consideration that the ministry conducts inspections at the recruitment agencies and their accommodations to ensure that they comply with the provisions of the Labour Law and enforced its decisions,” the ministry added in its statement.

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