Ooredoo Qatar proudly announces great news!

It was not even a year ago that Ooredoo announced it was starting to build a next-generation 5G network for Qatar.

And now, they are racing ahead with their plans for 5G. Ooredoo has announced that it became the world’s first company to have 5G New Radio (NR) with commercial equipment suitable for business customers, according to Gulf Times.

The announcement was made at the Mobile World Congress, which is currently underway in Barcelona, Spain.

Ooredoo said it was proud to announce first-in-the-region speeds of 2.3 Gbps with amazing 3.5ms latency, reported Qatar Tribune.

By using Ooredoo 5G spectrum at 3.5 GHz, Ooredoo will continue to expand the 5G footprint.

Two months back, Ooredoo had become the first in the world to test a stable 5G experience via a live network.

Ultra-fast 5G networks, which are already in Qatar, doubles the speed of current 4G networks. 5G service is expected to transform daily lives, organisations, and industry verticals benefiting the speed and ultra-low latency.

Applications of 5G could include autonomous vehicles, robotic surgery, and augmented and virtual reality sports.

As part of its network modernisation programme named ‘Evolution to 5G,’ Ooredoo Group is starting the 5G journey in its home market of Qatar. It will share best practices as it rolls out 5G across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia in the future.

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