People are afraid to be spied by this aircraft!

People are afraid to be spied by this aircraft!


Amazon is considering launching drones that patrol the neighborhoods and can contact the police if there is something is wrong.

Its drones will be able to take pictures or record videos.

This news raised concerns that Amazon may collect data and spy people.

It seems that the drone shots would block neighboring properties and would also require proof of ownership of the property being monitored, as well as permission from others living nearby, for example in an apartment building.


Amazon is thinking of offering different levels and prices that will make UAVs able to visit homes weekly, daily or even every hour. Subscribers can either allow the drone to monitor surrounding general problems or select certain objects to monitor them, such as a vehicle. After taking shots, the images are analyzed internally, by a computer, or by a person. An alert, such as a phone call, e-mail or text message, will be sent to the subscriber or to a private security company or police or fire service.

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