People traveling outside Qatar must pay attention

People traveling outside Qatar must pay attention 

Residents willing to travel outside Qatar to countries with active transmission of the Zika virus must take precautions.

Officials said that it is important to speak with a travel specialist and have a proper risk assessment when traveling. The specialist will give the best advice to avoid mosquito bites.

People may wear long sleeved tops and trousers, apply anti-insect cream any use anti-mosquito nets during sleep.

In addition, they must visit a clinic and meet a travel medicine expert at least four weeks prior to travel.
Since there is no available vaccine for diseases such as malaria and Zika, travelers can take perceptions and must pay more attention.

Immediate medical attention is also required if scratched or bitten by an animal, if injured because of a car accident, or if an individual is sexually assaulted.

It noteworthy to mention that symptoms of most mild travel-related illnesses last only 24 hours.

Symptoms could be:

Bloody diarrhea


Fever that goes above 102 degrees Fahrenheit

Flu-like symptoms

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