A photo gallery of the “Andean Street” in Katara Center on Tuesday

The Katara Center in cooperation with the Peruvian Embassy in Qatar, organize a photo gallery exhibition about the “Andean Street”, on Tuesday July 19, 2016 and that in: building 19 Gallery 2 at 7 PM, and that is in the occasion of second anniversary of putting the “Andean Street” on UNESCO Global Heritage list.

This street has been a real backbone for the political and economical powers of Inca Empire. This network of roads, lengthen more than 30000 Kilometers, linked a large number of production and management centers, and other places that go back to more than 2000 years before the Inca civilization was found.

The “Andean Street” used to pass through six South American countries, from north to south: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

The Inca Empire has established a network of roads with Continental size. This type of organizational skills made this Empire one of the most important powers at that time and led to its unification at the operational and organizational levels.

The Street revealed the intimate and harmonious relationship between the people of the Empire and their ability to adapt to the climactic conditions, which confirms that the amazing humanitarian ability has been able to transform one of the most badly geographical areas in the world in South America into a favorable environment for life.

It is worth mentioning that UNESCO put the “Andean Street” on World Heritage lists, during the 38th meeting, which was held in Doha, Qatar June 2014.

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